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Your Host:Simon Marlow, PhD
I am an expert in information research.  I have over 23 years experience in international information management.   My business is to create for YOU a lifestyle you desire by showing you how to use the internet, to create a lifestyle of satisfaction through  achieving your dreams.  You deserve it, I will help you get it
Do you know the SimplyBetterWay?

Have you figured it out?

      Aristotle figured it out more than 2,000 years ago!

'End of Labor  is to Gain Leisure' - Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC)

      Picasso figured it out under a 100 years ago!

'Everything you can imagine is real"  - Picasso (1881AD - 1973AD)

      I figured it out last year.

'Get Control of One's Life and Opportunity Flourishes' (2008 AD)

      My Sherpa guides can help you figure it out.

'Follow the SimplyBetterWay, a means to your Prosperity'

What is the SimplyBetterWay?

Have you figured it out?

It's about Your Time, Your Lifestyle, Your Desires, Your Dreams

Simple easy way to find what you seek without wasting your time or your hard earned money!  Achieve a lifestyle you deserve, not in years but in months!

To reach your lifestyle you need to understand ONLY two things;

  • Where to find knowledge to give you a competitive edge -  Competitive Knowledge
  • How to monetize that knowledge to achieve your dreams - Knowledge Earns Money

Both of which you need, to get what you want; YOUR lifestyle, YOUR Business, YOUR Dreams

So you've figured it out?

Are you ready? - To open the gateway to your dreams!

Want to learn fast and pay a load less?   And so get more leisure time
I have the ultimate in shortcuts, laser-focused, iron clad guides that gives you just what you need to get started.   
I can get you up and running on the internet with a business approach in the shortest time possible. 

  How?  Very simple;

My company provides state of the art;
  • Website design, hosting sources and provide ideas on niche domain related names
  • Secure payment processing to your merchant bank or through paypal or alertpay
  • Web marketing secrets to get your site indexed and ranked with the major search engines
  • Marketing campaigns to get your business off the ground using social networking techniques as well as paid campaigns like Adwords
  • Coaching for all your internet needs, including 'best in practice'  sales copy and techniques
Submit your details below and take the first step to learning a simply better way of life!  Living off  the internet!    If you wish you can contact us directly and discuss your specific needs at NO cost to you.
Wanna make some moolah?

I can help you
live well!
I can help you
find $moolah
Who are my Sherpa Guides?

Have you figured it out yet?

My Sherpas are friendly knowledgeable experts who will give you fast and safe passage to your DREAMS so that you use your time wisely to access inexhaustible sources of income and knowledge. GET back your leisure time to experience the finer arts of life, vacations, fine dining, gardening and other things you love to do!

As the Sherpa guides navigate explorers safely throught the difficult and treacherous terrains of the Himalayas, so my Sherpa guides will provide you with a safe passage through the internet from the avalanche of information, the get rich quick frauds so helping you gain real knowledge you seek to build your wealth to create your lifestyle

No, this is not another get rich quick scheme.  This is about having at your touch an inexhaustable stream of income and knowledge that you can tap into at any time to use when you want.

It's about;
  • creating a lifestyle where you can make money when you need it through multiple streams of income

  • making your lifestyle recession proof  through streams of passive income

  • learning to adapt quickly to new ways of life without the enduring  pain of change and uncertainty.
  • educating yourself to become smarter than most.
  • learning to operate the internet to do your bidding, you become the master of your destiny, not your boss.
  • getting back control of your life, you only have a finite amount of time.  
Achieve your DREAMS before it's too late! Get rid of labor and regain your leisure

As an additional bonus learn for FREE;

the guide & pitfalls to successful internet marketing
the seven deadly sins of internet marketing and their three wicked curses
 get shocking secrets that the internet gurus don't want you to know

....ALL for FREE

Simply better way of living

Free leisure - make money makemoney, makemoney fas

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