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So don't wait ...................
Price is not guaranteed to stay at this level for ever, not with all the information and steps that will save you months if not years in finding out all this stuff for yourself or just being lead down the garden path by the get rich quick gurus.

Here is your chance to get a 'leg up' on the competition

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The SimplyBetterWay Guide to Internet Market $Millions  Buy Now

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Read my guide in it's entirety before you spend another dime!

Guide I: Simple Guide: What internet marketers will NOT tell you before they take your hard earned cash and promise you riches!

What you need to do to get the Internet to work for you!
  • What you need to do to search the internet using keywords
  • What you need to know to get website visibility
What you need to know about selling!
  • Easily build a website
  • Organize payment processing
What you need to learn to advertise effectively!
  • Direct emotional response marketing techniques
  • Leveraging the search engines
  • Classified Ads/Blogs/Newsfeeds
  • Paid Advertising through Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Building your advertisement or squeeze page
  • Check that your site is visible
  • Build profitability through your back-end products
What tools you need and must be able to use;
  • PC & mouse
  • Internet Browser to search the internet
  • Email essential for internet communications with people
  • Word Processor/Spreadsheet
  • Purchase a high-speed internet link - a real time saver
What you need to setup to protect your investment
  • Register your LLC
  • Get a tax advisor
Guide II: Advanced Guide - How to quickly build a profitable website that makes money rapidly

Secrets of how to build a site quickly and make money fast!

How to build a profitable affiliate website
How to create your own ebook
How to build your own operational website
  • How to create then develop your 'niche market' idea
  • How to create your own website
  • How to make your website operational
  • How to make your site visible on the net
  • How to market your website
How to make your web site more visible!
  • Web site size and links promote visibility!  - Robots like it!
  • Quality content and keywords improve visibility! - Humans like it!
  • Structure optimizes visibility! - Robots and humans like it!
How to establish a profitable website - Get Visitors!
  • How to establish potential monetary value for your concept
  • Don't sell, attract your customer first with free advertising
  • How to drive more visitors to your website with free advertising
  • How to drive more visitors to your website with paid advertising
  • How to sell sand in the desert and ice to Eskimos!
  • Analyze your website traffic
How to build recurring profitability - maintain traffic          (continuity)
  • Continuous traffic through product development and affiliations
How to protect yourself and your investments & minimize taxes!
  • Create your own company
  • Hire a tax advisor
Guide III: Business Guide - How to quickly build a profitable business step by step that makes money!

Quit your daytime job; build a business so good that you can retire to your Caribbean home!

Guide IV: Tips and Tricks Guide

Don't reinvent what others have found!

Guide V: The Do's and Don'ts Guide

The Secret to widespread, no-cost, Internet Marketing is Hitchhiking!

Guide VI: Links Guide

Oh so many places to visit and so little time!

Guide VII: Terminology Guide

Babelfish and Gobbledygook!

I am so fed with these guys all promising some get rich trick or technique for hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars that I decided to convert my journal into a set of easy to read guides for those of us who are not so called gurus or tech bang wizards.
Bonus #1: - Your free guide to get your head around the new way of doing business and understanding more about yourself and the way you work!

A new way of thinking to succeed!

A superb guide to align your thoughts on how to overcome your new challenges!

Bonus #2: This book provides a ton of useful information as a very good preparation for my HitchHikers eguide to Internet Market $Millions.

Insider internet secrets!

Read this to prepare for an online business.  My eguide builds on these principles on developing a business.  This is a great fast and easy read.

Bonus #3: 30 days to create an informational product.   A superb book on how to find a niche market and then develop a product for this market to meet people's wants.   

30 Days to create a product!

This is a short interactive book that gives you great insight into creating a product that will sell.

Bonus #4: How to get traffic to your Websites.   This book nicely works with my eguide to detail further specific detailed techniques the pros use in getting traffic, it works like my tips and tricks section eguide but really focuses on traffic generation without the hardwork of getting the search engines to find you, you get customers to come to you fast!

How to get targetted traffic, made clear!

This book has a real nice summary section showing you the list of tips and tricks for you to quickly overview.

Bonus #5: Now that you've got traffic how do you go about building your email lists and then what do you do with that list?

List building for beginners is a great place to start!

This helps show how to setup an email campaign using autoresponders to help cut down your work!

Bonus #6: Once you have a good email list how do you expand that list by orders of magnitude?

Viral email marketing is a very clever way to hugely augment your lists!

You need to understand the importance of focus and avoid all those get rich quick schemes that you will be tempted by, this ebook dovetales nicely with my eguide keeping you on the straight and narrow

Bonus #7: Now that you have ideas on how to build your lists you need to have some idea on how to write simple attractive articles to get the warm and fuzzy customers who are just dying to buy your products

Simple guide to article writing!

You will just love this guide it takes you in easy steps through on how to form your article all you need do is add your content, it even helps you with that!

Bonus #8: Once you have an idea how to form an article it is time for you to learn the simple art of copywriting that is writing a sales letter that in simple terms attracts your customer to buy

Basic Copywriting for the internet!

You want to develop the art of being able to 'sell sand in the desert' or 'ice to eskimos'.  Once you have this art conguered you will be great and you will earn a ton of money!

Bonus #9: Ok so now you are a seasoned internet entrepreneur and you are beginning to sell your products, you must learn the legal ins and outs.

Resale rights explained simply!

This is so simple to understand even your auntie Annie could do it in her sleep!

Bonus #10: Now your ready to sell loads of ebooks to keep your daily income at a very comfortable level.  This book shows you the 'ins and outs' of developing your own ebooks and how to incorporate others works into your own products legally and safely

eBook creation for the illiterate, fast and simple!

You will love this book it shows how to take your idea and get ghostwriters to develop the idea for pennies.  You then market the heck out of it

Bonus #11: This is a cracker for all newbies who want to avoid the million pitfalls of working on the internet.  This guide compliments my eguide that focuses on the latest and greatest tips and tricks

1001 tips and tricks book!

A must for all newbies to the internet, don't miss out on this one as it will save you a ton of time and money
I was stuck in a dead-end job working for a large company getting nowhere fast!   I decided to take matters into my own hands and develop a business that I could control.  I also did not want to work myself into the ground, I only wanted to work a few hours a day but earn enough to do the things I wanted to do in life.

I have now several successful websites up and running but it cost me an arm and a leg in time and money.   I decided to write my own story from a journal I kept of the things I learnt on my travels into the internet marketing business.    I never realized how much I had learnt in a relatively short time yet I felt it took me too long to get there as the promises of the get rich quick gurus totally frustrated me because I could not make them work.  I quickly discovered that the secrets of the internet was simply learning the system!   So I developed my SimplyBetterWay approach and created my friendly guide the RichSherpa

I have put my hard earned secrets in a 100 page PDF file that you can instantly download for a rediculously low cost of $197.00

Wait for a short time only I have the book on sale for now at an  unbelievable price of only $67.00 that's a $130 savings on  a book that can potentially make you thousands, the return on invesment is staggering.   Even if you only make $1000 the return on investment is nearly 1100%, you can't go wrong on this purchase.

This has been more than 12 months of my time and I'm nearly giving it away with no catches or gimmicks!  Just try it, your satisfaction is guaranteed

Hitchhikers eGuide to Internet Market $Millions

But there's more!

Buy my eGuide and you will be given FREE updates as my journey continues and I find out more

So you're not just buying a static guide you're buying a continually updated eguide that will be frequently delivered to you FREE of charge!  No hidden costs, no gimmicks, no recurring costs just hard earned knowledge for you FREE!

And yes, there's even more!

Here are eleven, yes 11, fantastic FREE bonuses that compliment my eguide giving you the detail as and when you need it;
I have paid a fortune to be trained and I can save you a fortune by reading my guides and following the steps that I have laid out in simple English!  So if you don't want to spend hours listening to the latest and greatest trick on a teleconference that goes on for hours and hours then buy my SimplyBetterWay eGuide to Internet Market $Millions and get eleven free bonuses FREE!

Take a look at my content list shown below and tell me I haven't covered everything from figuring out a niche market to building your own site without an ounce of programming, building customer lists, to protecting your investments.  Follow my guide for the first few weeks, gain confidence on the internet BEFORE you listen to what the so-called gurus tell you, then YOU will be in control of the decisions you make as you will have the knowledge required to make the right decisions
So the RichSherpa set of short guides streamline the process taking you only to products that my I have tested and know that work well and are good value for money
Secrets of Internet Marketing  is all about gaining knowledge and learning the system.  Anyone can do this safely and quickly if guided  by an experienced guide, my RichSherpa!

All these guys want to do is take your hard earned cash and give you some gobbledygook document that means nothing or is virtually impossible to implement! 
My eGuide will bring you to level of internet marketing competency in weeks not months or years for a few dollars not thousands.

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eguide to money making
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